Japan – Just Crazy for YouTube!

A lot of people might think that YouTube is mostly a western habbit, but that’s not true. In fact, I think Japanese people are even more YouTube crazy than the western equivalents. Just have a look at the stats! YouTube is the fourth most visited website in the country, with more than 30 million unique visitors and that number is growing. To give you some more amazing examples have a look at these most popular channels amongst the Japanese.

  • HikakinTV: Subscribers 2.5million and growing!
  • Hajime Channel: Subscribers 2.1million and growing!
  • AKB48 Channel: 1.5million and growing!

Now obviously these subscription amounts are huge competitors for the TV industry. It’s actually really remarkable how a nobody can start a channel and with the right idea become a rich person. This has and will continue to happen, over and over again. With the TV companies just watching on the side, as people no longer purchase a TV set as computers are more and more sufficient. Of course some broadcasting companies are taking up the challenge and producing loads of content for the internet. Especially good examples is the music industry, with huge channels as well. Like “Univesal Music Japan” & “Warner Music Japan”.

Then a friend of mine asked me how could he start their own channel. Or most importantly, how to get viewers and subscribers. Obviously you need an idea before you can go anywhere and I thought that my Japanese friend had such a brilliant idea. But his is not computer savvy, which is why I started to find out things for myself. Turns out that just like Google Search, therre is an algorythm for the YouTube search. So that people search for videos and the one who stays on top is being favored for several reasons. The best signs are to show popularity, that people are interested in your video. For this, you need likes, videos and subscribers that are authentically interested in the stuff you are offering.

But the start is always the most difficult and if you don’t have viral content right away.. it will be struggle in the battlefield as it is now known in YouTube. Then there are these services where you can get views.. or so called “High Retention YouTube Views” also known as HRYV as I recently invented. But I found out that these are not very useful for people who are just starting, instead we should have a steady feed of views that look natural. For this purpose there are several “YouTube Drip Feed Views” services that are tremendously effective for beginners. In this case drip feed means, that the views are made for your video over a longer time. It could be weeks or months.. but what one needs in the beginning is loads of patience. After enough views, you slowly start to rank for search terms and people find you.. with the right content that people actually like, you don’t need these views services anymore and can start enjoying the success. Good luck and I hope this helps, thanks!

See you soon,
Noriko Hides

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