Is There Japanese Acrobatics

I became so interested in the acrobatic scene around the world after my Beijing experience. So, I decided to start investigating how the scene is in Japan. So it turns out, that probably 99% of acrobatic troupes operating in Japan are Chinese. Ironic isn’t it. For someone who lives right next to China, I don’t need to go and see them in my own country. Perhaps Japan is not just up to the challenge of creating their own circus.

Well, I can really understand that since the Chinese are so skilful. Probably same situation in Korea as well. Here you have other performing arts that could be considered more intellectual. But for example “Kabuki” 歌舞伎, which is a classicl Japanese form of drama theatre is something I never really got into. I went to see a couple of shows, and they are really expensive and not that exiting. If you enjoy jokes, then that is the place to go in Japan.

I prefer something that makes me jump up from my seat and scream from excitement. And that’s what the acrobatics in China do the best! If you know about some Japanese acrobatic troupe I don’t know of. Please let me know in the comments. I could be wrong of course, that I just didn’t find it yet or something. Leave a comment if so!!

Mata ne,


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  1. Russell says:

    Hard to say, but I would have thought that Japan has it’s acrobatic shows too. Must be hard to compete with the Chinese or something! πŸ™‚

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