Neighbouring Countries

Neighboring Countries

Geographically, Japan is in a rather interesting spot. Being an island, it has long enjoyed benefits of being isolated and difficult to invade. The Japanese are indeed a sort of “island people”, with their own culture that has grown strong despite the later changed situation. Many of us know some of the events that happened during the second world war. Especially the incident that happened in Hiroshima. However, times have changed and the fight has completely changed.

As someone who likes to absorb all the Asian cultures, especially those of China and Korea. It’s sometimes difficult to watch from the side, how Japanese are having such “mental conflicts” with it’s neighbouring countries. What is the most interesting aspect of these conflicts, is that every nation seems to be creating common though within it’s people on purpose. I strongly believe, that it’s a deliberate act from all these countries who want to strengthen nationalistic pride and spirit. Perhaps the strongest of these, being China. But Japan is equally responsible for stirring up, fear, anger, confusion and other negative emotions towards the neighbouring countries in order to keep it’s people fighting together for a common goal. Ultimately this goal is to obey and build a fruitful society of the people.

Not a bad goal as such, but the means that these goals are reached must be questioned more! The “things are worse” on the other side argument is no longer valid. Every nation has it’s fingers dirty in this mess.

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