Everybody Knows Japan

Please Enter

Everyone thinks they know something about Japan. It’s a pretty famous country with a lot of famous things. Like Kimono and all that what was it the kimono stuff you know!

I am half Australian and talking about Japan with locals here is not always that easy. When one has invested so much time into understanding the culture, spent so much there in effort to understand the people. Then you’re suppose to explain it to someone who has never been there, in five minutes! Now that’s a challenge. And a challenge I will take up on any time baby.

So what do Australians know about Japan? Let me think.

Yes, kimono pretty much sums it up alright.

What do Australians think they know about Japan?

Shy people, very humble, had some war over there. Something going on with America.

What do I know about Japan?

How can I compete with all this, know how that’s going on. I rest my case! Please enter!!



  1. Levi Brunton says:

    Hey, I know Japan! Haha. Only kidding buddy. Tell me how it is and I will absorb.

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