Let’s Eat Some Gohan!


Gohan is a very common Japanese word with many different meanings. All of which are connectd to each other, but differ from when they are used. Also the word can be written with different Japanese characters or “Kanji”, which make the meaning different in written form. The most basic meanings would be cooked rice, lunch or meal. All of which are extremely important in Japanese society.

This is a place where we discuss endless topics on Japan. While there might be some food involved, we focus on the thought part. There is lots to eat and try in Japan, and many of them although interesting might not be liked, or understood at once. Without a doubt I think Japanese as a society is one of the most not understood or just as well misunderstood places in the world. Which such a long history, inside an more or less isolated island. No wonder! Just check out the Pecolly app and you start to realise how food mad these people are. Sometime and sometimes not in a very deep way. It’s a community all the way baby.

This in itself is, “Food for thought” and our topic here. Hope you enjoy your stay and visit as often as you can!

If you like, that is!

Noriko Hides

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