Japan – Just Crazy for YouTube!

A lot of people might think that YouTube is mostly a western habbit, but that’s not true. In fact, I think Japanese people are even more YouTube crazy than the western equivalents. Just have a look at the stats! YouTube is the fourth most visited website in the country, with more than 30 million unique visitors and that number is growing. To give you some more amazing examples have a look at these most popular channels amongst the Japanese.

  • HikakinTV: Subscribers 2.5million and growing!
  • Hajime Channel: Subscribers 2.1million and growing!
  • AKB48 Channel: 1.5million and growing!

Now obviously these subscription amounts are huge competitors for the TV industry. It’s actually really remarkable how a nobody can start a channel and with the right idea become a rich person. This has and will continue to happen, over and over again. With the TV companies just watching on the side, as people no longer purchase a TV set as computers are more and more sufficient. Of course some broadcasting companies are taking up the challenge and producing loads of content for the internet. Especially good examples is the music industry, with huge channels as well. Like “Univesal Music Japan” & “Warner Music Japan”.

Then a friend of mine asked me how could he start their own channel. Or most importantly, how to get viewers and subscribers. Obviously you need an idea before you can go anywhere and I thought that my Japanese friend had such a brilliant idea. But his is not computer savvy, which is why I started to find out things for myself. Turns out that just like Google Search, therre is an algorythm for the YouTube search. So that people search for videos and the one who stays on top is being favored for several reasons. The best signs are to show popularity, that people are interested in your video. For this, you need likes, videos and subscribers that are authentically interested in the stuff you are offering.

But the start is always the most difficult and if you don’t have viral content right away.. it will be struggle in the battlefield as it is now known in YouTube. Then there are these services where you can get views.. or so called “High Retention YouTube Views” also known as HRYV as I recently invented. But I found out that these are not very useful for people who are just starting, instead we should have a steady feed of views that look natural. For this purpose there are several “YouTube Drip Feed Views” services that are tremendously effective for beginners. In this case drip feed means, that the views are made for your video over a longer time. It could be weeks or months.. but what one needs in the beginning is loads of patience. After enough views, you slowly start to rank for search terms and people find you.. with the right content that people actually like, you don’t need these views services anymore and can start enjoying the success. Good luck and I hope this helps, thanks!

See you soon,
Noriko Hides

Posted on September 7, 2015

Is There Japanese Acrobatics

I became so interested in the acrobatic scene around the world after my Beijing experience. So, I decided to start investigating how the scene is in Japan. So it turns out, that probably 99% of acrobatic troupes operating in Japan are Chinese. Ironic isn’t it. For someone who lives right next to China, I don’t need to go and see them in my own country. Perhaps Japan is not just up to the challenge of creating their own circus.

Well, I can really understand that since the Chinese are so skilful. Probably same situation in Korea as well. Here you have other performing arts that could be considered more intellectual. But for example “Kabuki” 歌舞伎, which is a classicl Japanese form of drama theatre is something I never really got into. I went to see a couple of shows, and they are really expensive and not that exiting. If you enjoy jokes, then that is the place to go in Japan.

I prefer something that makes me jump up from my seat and scream from excitement. And that’s what the acrobatics in China do the best! If you know about some Japanese acrobatic troupe I don’t know of. Please let me know in the comments. I could be wrong of course, that I just didn’t find it yet or something. Leave a comment if so!!

Mata ne,


Posted on July 4, 2014
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The Other Acrobatic Show in Beijing

Legend of Jinsha

There is really never enough time is there. Later on, I started browsing and saw that there are even more incredible shows in Beijing. Theatre seems abundant there and I want to see it all, of course now it’s too late. At least for now that is. I wanted to show another acrobatic show Beijing has to offer. It’s only a recent discovery of mine, yet looks amazing doesn’t it? It has been said, that this one has a very intense atmosphere. Judging from the pictures, it looks very true indeed. Music should be incredible as well on this acrobatic show.

Beijing Acrobatic Show

But this is something that Chaoyang Theatre definitely didn’t have. Which is, a motorcycle stunt. It looks too crazy to be true. There are a dozen or so motorcyclists that go around a huge cage that’s placed on the stage. To make things even more exiting, the lights are being turned off while they are inside the circle. Want to go yet? The name of this show is Legend of Jinsha. Held at the Beijing Workers Club, which is another old, classic theatre in the middle of Beijing. For sure, if I ever go to Beijing again I will definitely visit here. Although, it might be that next time I will go to Shanghai instead.. because I want new travel experiences. But for now, being in Japan is just fine. I am eating my gohan now so. Later friends!

Noriko Hides

Posted on June 30, 2014
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From Japan to Chaoyang District

Chaoyang Theater

Related to my previous rant about neighbouring countries. I am always looking for opportunities to get to know the rest of Asia, outside of the “island limits”. It is easy for a lot of Japanese to get stuck on the island, but going outside and coming back brings a lot of good things into the culture. So, that’s my job, to go and see how it is and come back to report back to the Japanese on how it really is. As well as, how it isn’t. I’m not saying that a lot of Japanese wouldn’t know about it, just the majority does tend to have this island mentality. And since because of my work I am able to connect with a rather ordinary Japanese population. They are always very interested in my adventures, and I feel they can benefit a lot from hearing my stories.

One of the most controversial topics is China. When you talk to people about it, there are rather mixed feelings. Some can be even scared, while many might have some connection through business for example. Overall the feeling is not that positive, while a lot of positive things are acknowledged on the side. Thinking positive about China, is just not the main thought. But I think it definitely should!

Anyway, I’ve been to China a couple of times, in Xiamen in the South as well as Hong Kong which is quite different from the mainland. This time, I headed to the nerve of the country, well known as Beijing. I stayed at the Inner Mongolia Grand Hotel which is located right in the center of it all, Wangfujing. There you can do loads of shopping and see the “modern Beijing”, which is loaded with money and an abundance of workforce. You can really feel it when you walk the wide streets, how everything is made to be majestic and reflect the modern times.

But there is another interesting neighbourhood nearby that I wanted to focus on during this particular trip. It is Chaoyang district. A rather large district, which is why I didn’t have time to explore it all. But it’s good to explore bit by bit, because this district is filled with some of the most exiting nightlife as well as a huge park. I didn’t come here to do shopping, but instead, I wanted to visit the very popular Chaoyang Theater acrobatics show. All I can say is, wow!

Only kidding, there is a few more things I could say besides show photos. This is basically one stunt frenzy, where one after another, the most skilful Chinese acrobats put up a show that is the most impressive I have ever seen. Melting into my seat, as I was watching the performance I started thinking. Wouldn’t theater performances like these, be an excellent opportunity for Japanese and Chinese get together and meet. If history is a difficult subject to bite, I am sure that something as fun and exiting as acrobatics could get the hearts of Japanese running. My crazy adventure at the Chaoyang District really made me appreciate all the fantastic things that China has brought to the world, through their ancient culture.

My favourite stunt at the Chaoyang Theater was the bicycle trick. It was indeed the highlight of the performance. A dozen or so, acrobats were driving inside a round metal cage. When it seemed that things couldn’t get any more exiting, they turned of all the lights and they had to do all that in the darkness. Impressive indeed!

All in all, Beijing was a great trip. A bit too fast, but anyway. I hope to visit again sometime soon. Probably I will share some more experiences as well from China. But for know, I am settling back to my old good life back in Japan. And very happy for that too!

Noriko Hides

Posted on June 11, 2014

Neighbouring Countries

Neighboring Countries

Geographically, Japan is in a rather interesting spot. Being an island, it has long enjoyed benefits of being isolated and difficult to invade. The Japanese are indeed a sort of “island people”, with their own culture that has grown strong despite the later changed situation. Many of us know some of the events that happened during the second world war. Especially the incident that happened in Hiroshima. However, times have changed and the fight has completely changed.

As someone who likes to absorb all the Asian cultures, especially those of China and Korea. It’s sometimes difficult to watch from the side, how Japanese are having such “mental conflicts” with it’s neighbouring countries. What is the most interesting aspect of these conflicts, is that every nation seems to be creating common though within it’s people on purpose. I strongly believe, that it’s a deliberate act from all these countries who want to strengthen nationalistic pride and spirit. Perhaps the strongest of these, being China. But Japan is equally responsible for stirring up, fear, anger, confusion and other negative emotions towards the neighbouring countries in order to keep it’s people fighting together for a common goal. Ultimately this goal is to obey and build a fruitful society of the people.

Not a bad goal as such, but the means that these goals are reached must be questioned more! The “things are worse” on the other side argument is no longer valid. Every nation has it’s fingers dirty in this mess.

Posted on June 9, 2014

Everybody Knows Japan

Please Enter

Everyone thinks they know something about Japan. It’s a pretty famous country with a lot of famous things. Like Kimono and all that what was it the kimono stuff you know!

I am half Australian and talking about Japan with locals here is not always that easy. When one has invested so much time into understanding the culture, spent so much there in effort to understand the people. Then you’re suppose to explain it to someone who has never been there, in five minutes! Now that’s a challenge. And a challenge I will take up on any time baby.

So what do Australians know about Japan? Let me think.

Yes, kimono pretty much sums it up alright.

What do Australians think they know about Japan?

Shy people, very humble, had some war over there. Something going on with America.

What do I know about Japan?

How can I compete with all this, know how that’s going on. I rest my case! Please enter!!


Posted on May 20, 2014

Let’s Eat Some Gohan!


Gohan is a very common Japanese word with many different meanings. All of which are connectd to each other, but differ from when they are used. Also the word can be written with different Japanese characters or “Kanji”, which make the meaning different in written form. The most basic meanings would be cooked rice, lunch or meal. All of which are extremely important in Japanese society.

This is a place where we discuss endless topics on Japan. While there might be some food involved, we focus on the thought part. There is lots to eat and try in Japan, and many of them although interesting might not be liked, or understood at once. Without a doubt I think Japanese as a society is one of the most not understood or just as well misunderstood places in the world. Which such a long history, inside an more or less isolated island. No wonder! Just check out the Pecolly app and you start to realise how food mad these people are. Sometime and sometimes not in a very deep way. It’s a community all the way baby.

This in itself is, “Food for thought” and our topic here. Hope you enjoy your stay and visit as often as you can!

If you like, that is!

Noriko Hides

Posted on May 19, 2014